Gena Lacoste, well known western Canadian artist, kindly allowed us to select one of her recent paintings titled "Born to Buck" to display on our first ever 'limited edition' Commemorative Rodeo Poster.  We are grateful for her support and encouragement in our inaugural Reno Rodeo.

"Biggest Little Rodeo in the West"
Fred Blakley picking up SB "Steppenwolf" of Richards Rodeo Stock 
Lonesome Road Photography, Consul, Sask.

Purchased by:  Willow Creek Ranch - 
                   Randy and Terry Stokke
Special Thank You to 
of Medicine Hat, Alberta
for purchasing the #1/100    
2008 Commemorative Poster.
'The Last Mouse' of Richards Rodeo Stock

        Purchased by:  Countryside Cafe  - 
                 Betty Ann Richards
"In the Chute"                  Bernie Brown.

Purchased by:  Darrell McKelvey and Family
                 Consul, Saskatchewan
Ground Work                                        Gena LaCoste
Purchased by:    Gay and Elpha Holeha
                   Consul, Sask.
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The Anthem                     Gena LaCoste
Purchased by:     Darrell McKelvey and Family
                    Consul, Saskatchewan